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§ 1 Organizing Entity

(1)The International Tourism Film Festival - Bulgaria “On The East Coast Of Europe” is an annual event conducted during the Exhibition “Cultural Tourism” in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria and organized by GO tv – a national tourism media in Bulgaria. The Festival is sponsored by the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and organized with the collaboration of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism, the Association of the Bulgarian Tour operators and Travel Agents.

(2)“On The East Coast Of Europe” is a Festival for producers, licensed according to the copyright law regarded to as in the country of origin of the participant, meaning that the participant must be the private or juridical person in charge of creating, organizing and financing the production.


§ 2 Thematic scope

(1)“On The East Coast Of Europe” is a festival for promotional audio-visual productions presenting tourist destinations from all over the world.

(2)The participating productions may present all the aspects of tourism: cultural, social, event, economic, recreational, religious, sports and health, extreme, eco, etc.


§ 3 Objectives

(1)The general objectives of the Festival are the following:

to introduce films and productions about tourist products and destinations to a broad audience;

to stimulate investments in advertising of cultural and historical heritage;

to promote the implementation of good practices and leading trends in travel film making;

to develop interest among tourism businesses and production companies towards travel film production;

to motivate professional filmmakers to engage in the travel film industry.

(2)Specific objectives

to promote professional audio-visual travel production;

to stimulate the making of audio-visual travel production;

to promote the leading trends in the field of modern audio-visual culture in correlation with the needs of the businesses;

to create environment for high efficiency advertising;

to promote and advertise Bulgaria as a tourist destination and the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality as a cultural tourism site.


§ 4 Categories

1) Nature & Ecotourism – natural parks and sites, rural regions, eco routes, trips, mountain and sea tourism;

2) Sports & Adventure – sports and extreme tourism, fishing and hunting tourism, recreational and spa & wellness tourism;

3) History & Culture – eventful, archaeological, historical, cultural, museum and researching tourism;

4) Faith & Traditions – religious and pilgrim tourism, rituals and customs;

5) Corporate tourism film / spot

In each category the following production sections are accepted:

A) Television Programs (TV Shows) up to 27 minutes

B) Promotional Film 3 – 20 minutes

C) Advertising Film up to 180 seconds

D) Reporting or Documentary Film


§ 5 Evaluation criteria

1. Precisely defined tourism subject (e.g.: ecology, ornithology, ethnography, folklore, lifestyle and traditions, cultural and historical heritage, etc.).

2. Focus on a specific region.

3. Unequivocal message.

4. To provide sufficient information.

5. Originality of ideas and form of screen production.

6. Original promotional message.

7. Attractive vision and sound-design.

8. To present new parameters for tourism.

9. Scientifically founded message.

10. To show the economic tourism potential of the sites in the film.


§ 6 Jury

A jury consisting of film professionals, academic lecturers in tourism and representatives of the the Ministry of Tourism, the National Film Centre, the Association of the Bulgarian Tour Operators and Tour Agents, as well as foreign jury members, select the outstanding films in each category which are then to be awarded. The chairman of the jury is elected on a rotation basis by the members of the jury.


§ 7 Awards

Awards are bestowed on producers, people and organizations who invest in the making of tourism productions. This must be the private or juridical person in charge of creating, organizing and financing the production

One of the award-winning films from the categories above receives the GRAND PRIX for “The Best Promotional Tourism Production of the Festival”.

One of the nominees receives and award in every category and sub-category.

One SPECIAL JURY AWARD is assigned for a COMPONENT (scenario, directing, cinematography, film editing and sound design).

A SPECIAL AWARD for “Innovative tourism products” is assigned to a public non-profit organization (municipalities, tourism departments, organizations, associations, etc.)

The awards are bestowed during an official ceremony of the festival.

An additional award may be assigned by the organizers for contribution to the promotion of the tourism potential of Bulgaria.

Those of the winners who are not able to attend the Official ceremony would receive their award via mail. All the distributional costs for the awards and certificates are an obligation to the participant.


§ 8 Terms and conditions

(1)The films and productions that may participate in the “On The East Coast Of Europe” Festival have to be owned by public institutions, municipalities, tourist information centres, non-profit organizations, private or public companies, private or public TV operators, travel companies and private professionals.

The production contents must correspond to travel and tourism.

(2)The entrant must own the copyright of the applying production:

1. in a contract for creation with permission to use the production;

2. the production is a work, created under an employment or service relationship;

3. the production is a work created on demand;

4. the producer is the author of production;

according to the copyright law regarded to as in the country of origin of the participant.

(3)The participating productions remain at the organizers' disposal for a period of one year.

(4)One participant can register for participation an unlimited number of films. All films have to be produced not earlier than 2015.

(5)Productions should be subtitled or dubbed in English unless the original language is English.


§ 9 Entry fee

The entry fee is € 86.40 incl. VAT


For 3 productions – 10%

For 4 productions – 15 %

For 5+ productions – 20%

The costs will be charged after ITFF-Bulgaria receives your entry form. Participants from the EU with valid VAT number do not pay VAT. 20% VAT will be charged for Bulgarian entrants, entrants outside the EU and entrants from EU countries without VAT number. An invoice with the record and the total amount of your entries will be sent to you by e-mail.

(2)The participation fees must be ordered to:



IBAN: BG37UNCR70001519721781     BIC: UNCRBGSF

(3)All bank charges are for the account of the participant/the ordering customer.


§ 10 Submission requirements

(1)In order to be admitted for participation each entry must comprise: a film production in DVD format, a thoroughly filled-in application form and a copy of the payment document.

A scanned copy of the signed application form could be send via e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(2)Sending the production:

1. to an FTP server:

FTP username: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

FTP server:

FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21


2. on disc (2 copies) to the following address:


Via standard mail: 8240 Sunny beach, Bulgaria, POB 42

Via courier: Bulgaria, 8240 Sunny beach, Cabletel Prima Business Center, fl. 1

(3) All shipping charges and taxes regarding mailing the DVDs and application forms are for the account of the participant/the ordering customer.


§ 11 Conduction

(1)The Festival is held in three consecutive days.

All production entries are viewed and evaluated preliminary by a working group of jury members and a number of nominees are selected.

The nominated productions are admitted to the festival competition programme. At the festival screenings during the 3 festival days, all nominated productions are shown to the local audience of Veliko Tarnovo.

The festival projections are free of charge an open to the public.

One representative of each of the nominated productions will be invited as a guest of the festival.
The festival program is consistent with the events of the International Tour Exhibition "Cultural tourism" from which the festival is a part of.

The festival programme takes into consideration the events of the Cultural Tourism Expo.

(2)The program of side events of the Festival includes exhibitions, concerts, presentations, discussions and educational programmes dedicated to the latest tendencies in the film art, production activities and trends in cultural tourism and advertising.


§ 12 Rights and responsibilities

(1)Each participant is responsible for the content of their production. Each participant is responsible for the technical quality of their production.

The organizers have the right to reject films with content or technical quality that does not satisfy the requirements of the Festival or violate the Bulgarian law.

(2)By signing the application form each participant agrees that he possesses full copyrights of the presented production, regarded to as in article 5 of this Code.

The organizers assume no liability according to the copyright law and the related laws and assume no liability to third parties in case of any following litigation. All expenditure incurred under claims and complaints about copyright infringement that may occur through publication of the film at the expense of the participant.

(3) By signing the entry form the entrant authorizes:

1.that their names or the names of their productions/filmmakers might be used in the festival catalogue.

2.that their names or the names of their productions/filmmakers might be used for promotion of the Festival.

3.the non-commercial display of their film with the Festival with the logo on TV channels, public screenings and on the Internet during the Festival days and after the festival for the term of one year.

(4)By signing the application form the entrant states that he owns all the rights of use and distribution specified in the above article (3) and agrees that all costs of any disputes concerning the rights to broadcast the production are at the expense of the participant.


§ 13 Acceptance of the terms of Regulation

Participation in the “On The East Coast Of Europe” Festival is a statement of acceptance of all the terms of regulation in this code.