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SaltSeaThe audience of this year's International Tourism Film Festival  Bulgaria - "On the East Coast of Europe" will have the opportunity to meet two of the most beloved Bulgarian directors - Hristo Iliev - Charlie and Anri Kulev. Their moves will be screened on the 14th of April during the "Film Memories" module, where the focus falls on old documentaries and travelogues with a tourism theme. The films in the module this year are two.


The first one - "The Old Oak", directed by Hristo Iliev is a metaphorical movie poster, designed in the name of environmental protection. The grotesque in it is clear the old oak, a noble tree which for decades has served as shelter to insects and birds, shade for animals and humans and beauty landmark of local nature, turns into a... a poster in nature's defense.


The second movie is Harpers by Anri Kulev, who will also be attending the festival. The film is a documentary about the great Bulgarian musicians Ivo Papazov, Teodosii Spasov, Neshko Neshev, Yuri Kamzumalov etc.


The second traditional module of the Festival - "Cinema & The City", comprises popular feature films with cities, areas or landmarks as protagonists, thus introducing the audience to the tourist objects of interest in the region.


This year the viewers can enjoy two films. The Boy Goes Away" - a Bulgarian movie, shot in the town of Vratsa, starring Filip Trifonov. The song from the movie People and Streets", performed by Mimi Ivanova and Boris Godzhunov, is still one of the most popular songs in Bulgaria.


The second film comes from Palestine, which is a partner country of the Festival and it's called "The Salt of this Sea". The movie tells the story of a girl, born in Brooklyn to a family of Palestinian refugees. The girl needs to return to the land of her forefathers in Yafa. After long procedures at the airport, she is let inside the country. There she meets an young man, whose dream is to leave the country of Palestine forever. The two experience maybe their last journey through the wonderful and longed for by their generation sights.


The movie has extraordinary awards and nominations - MFF " San Sebastian" - Special Award for Yasir Anmari; MFF Dubai - writing award; MFF Khan - Official selection; MFF Tribeca - Official selection; MFF London - Official selection. The screening will be on the 15th of April at 20:00.


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