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Advertising Filmyoutube-play-button Wonderful Indonesia – West Papua

Producer: Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia


With the means of the impression West Papua is shown as a very interesting tourist destination. This film stirs our adventure spirit and reminds us of the exciting travel books.


Promotional Film –  youtube-play-button Welcome to Viet Nam

Producer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam

The film puts Viet Nam in the list of the most attractive tourist destinations. This promotional production persuades us that Viet Nam opens itself to the world with love and hospitality.



Advertising Film – youtube-play-button 5 Moments, Denmark

Producer: Paravision


The Five Moments wholeheartedly show us the happy customers of the Arctic Hotel. Exquisite landscapes of snow and glaciers, complemented by warm human atmosphere. The perfect combination of picture and music. The film masterfully combines the requirements of marketing and art.


Promotional Filmyoutube-play-button Polar Night Magic, Finland

Producer: Otto Production


This film turns the raw polar night in a love revelation. A beautiful tale which uses ancient archetypes from myths and fairy tales - “The Snow Queen” and the wonderful prince meet each other in Northern Finland and the warmth of their love chases the winter away.


Reporting or Documentary Film – youtube-play-button Son of the Mountains,Turkey

Producer: Yavuz Selim Tascioglu


This is a film with a strong citizen position, made according to the rules of good cinema. The tale of a boy, that fights to save his mountain. In just a few minutes the boy wins our sympathies and we are engaged in his cause.



Promotional Filmyoutube-play-button The Danube in Serbia: 588 Impressions, Serbia

Producer:  Supernatural

Marvelous places of the supposedly well-known river, are shown in a surprising way. With the ease of a fairy tale the film manages to combine past and present, ancient castles and magical nature.

Reporting or Documentary Film – youtube-play-button Messembria Orphica – A Tale of Nessebar in Notes

Producer: Nessebar Municipality


Refined and elegant artistic story of a music festival. In this film, classical music is cleverly combined with the classic beauty of Nessebar.

TV Programmeyoutube-play-button Vienna / Now, Austria

Producer: SLASH


This is a TV show outside and well above the standard. It is made with humor and self-irony. The editorial rhythm fills us with positive energy. Our dream to be Viennese nobility almost comes true.


Promotional Film – youtube-play-button The Colourful Face of Dobrudzha

Producer: Dobrich Municipality


The film was filmed in the traditional style, for presenting tourist destinations. It is made, however, with excellent taste and skill, which makes it stand out.


Reporting or Documentary Film – youtube-play-button The Right Hand of St. Ivan

Producer: Bulgarian National Television, Regional TV Centre – Blagoevgrad


A classic documentary, notable mainly with the new, consecutively served, information. A great and successful attempt to uncover a centuries old mystery.

TV Programme – youtube-play-button To Build a Fountain

Producer: Bulgarian National Television, Regional TV Centre – Blagoevgrad 

The TV Programme reinvents for the public a tradition of the good in people. The film is thematically unified. The images are fascinating and full of faith in the eternity of good deeds.


youtube-play-button Turkey: Home of Turquoise, Turkey
Producer: Kala Film Reklamcilik Ve Tanitim Hizmetler Ticaret LTD


A unique film in which every scene is created with a lot of attention and respect to the photogenic. The vision is supported with great narration and music.


Special award of the Jury: youtube-play-button Could only Happen in Ghent, Belgium
Producer: Moose & Tash vzw


The most original film of this year’s Festival. Unconventional, provocative, with spectacular twists. With its dramaturgy this promotional film comes close to a feature film - we have characters, transformations, stories. The result: a fascinating story - an invitation to Ghent.


Special award for creative development: youtube-play-button Thracian Holy Ground “St. Ilia”, Producer: Deymos Studio, Ltd.


The Jury follows the development of Deymos Studio and their productions for a third year. We bestow this award for the mastering of the means of expression in documentary films.

Special award for active involvement in the Festivalyoutube-play-button The State of Palestine

Special award of the teamyoutube-play-button Sharjah Tourism Film
Producer: Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority