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Indonesia 2017“For the 13th consecutive time we gather here in Tarnovo, driven by our common passion – adventures! If you allow me a free quote of the great Tolkien – every time we leave home, every time we step on the street, our feet take us someplace and we can never know what's waiting for us out there. Well, as a matter of fact we do – it's adventure!”

This was the introduction of the XIII IFTF-Bulgaria “On the East Coast of Europe”  Awarding ceremony on the night of April 6, 2017, when 14 films received awards in the festival categories, and 2 grand and 3 honorary awards were bestowed. The international jury of professionals in film and tourism from 5 countries selected the best productions amongst 49 nominations, picked out of 91 applying films. A lot of hard choices were made this year, as all productions were of superb qualities and this made the decision really hard for the jury members, not only in the festival categories but when determining the Grand Prix as well.

In the festival categories awards were bestowed upon the following productions: “”Bulgaria from end to end” by the Bulgarian National Television, “Pilgrim Travelogues” by BNT2 Blagoevgrad, “A visual journey through Lombok and Wakatobi” by the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia, “A magical wilderness” by Kelvinfilm GmbH, Germany, “The Eco traveller” and “Go fast or go home” by Goasean SDN BHD, Malaysia, “Bursa “Feel The City” by Bursa Municipality, “Grand Hotel Sofia”, Bulgaria, “Live a day in Alcácer”, Portugal, “Spirit of Dubai”, United Arab Emirates, “EDEN in Bulgaria” by Studio Blend, “Welcome to Ancient Messembria” by Old Nessebar Museum, Bulgaria, “Once Upon a Time... Three kingdoms” by Tourist Board of Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria.

Grand Awards: Burgas Municipality, Bulgaria, received the Grand Award for For sustainable investment in Bulgarian tourism video promotion – for the mini series “Stories of Burgas”, as well as for the sustainable strategy of the municipality to produce and distribute films, promoting the region. The Grand Prix of the festival was bestowed upon the production “A Wonderful World” by the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia.

We began with a Tolkien quote, so why not finish with one – a significant vice of adventures is that they often make you late for dinner.