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Veliko Tarnovo – the heart and sole of Bulgaria

            People say that Tarnovo is the town which guards the heart and the sole of Bulgaria. They also say that a foreigner would not know the Bulgarians unless he visits Tarnovo. In October 1907 National Geographic published an article about Bulgaria, writing about our old capital. The author Felix J. Koch titled the article "Tirnova, The City Of Hanging Gardens". He was amazed by the city's architecture. By the perched over the mountain slopes wide-windowed houses facing the Yantra river's meanders. “But the most charming of Tirnovo – writed Coch later – is in its balconies. Every home...has a bulled-eye door in the middle of the second floor facade which opens to a tiny balcony where rose bay bushes in heavy green barrels blossom during the summer.” The hanging gardens are just for background. The truth is that the whole city, idly spreading between the historical hills, is a gorgeous background and its picturesqueness is emphasised by the twisting in its feet Yantra river. Wherever your sight stops you could find scenes from historical movies. Tzarevetz, Trapezitza, Sveta Gora /translated as Hollywood/, spotted over hills houses and christian temples take you back to the past times.

            This city preserves the past with a great care. In fact, the past exists here, it had never gone from Veliko Tarnovo. It lives here! Behind the fortified wall of Tzarevetz, in the bell ring of the churches, in the art-works, in the old chimneys, in the earth-pots, in the street names, monuments, buildings. Listen to them: “Samovodska charshia”, “Assenevci”, “Maika Bulgaria”, “Boris”, “Tzarevgrad Tarnov”.

            One can even taste the past from a bottle of the “Bolyarka” beer, keeping pretty connotations of raven black hair, olive dark skin and fiery glances of the Tarnovo women /Bolyarki/.

            The dynamics of the city cherished by numerous students and young people leaves the real impression of a living city. The parallel and the unique combination between the old and the modern-style makes the amazing atmosphere of Tarnovo. In addition to this, the fact that everything is within a walking distance, the great number of places where you can try delicious national dishes and the night club life make Tarnovo attractive for visit in any season.