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The International Tour Film Festival “On the Eastern Coast of Europe” needs your support. The sponsorship provides you with a unique opportunity to support the prize fund of the only tour film festival in Bulgaria and thus support its competing participants – producers and creative teams. As an added bonus, the sponsorship will enhance your popularity and publicity during the Festival and the CULTURAL TOURISM exchange, as well as during the preparation of the Festival (sending of invitations), in the promotional materials for the Festival, in the programmes and publications broadcasted and published by the media partners before, during and after the Festival, during all official events of the Exchange and the Festival, during the official awards ceremony at the closing of the Festival. The CULTURAL TOURISM exchange, which takes place during the Festival of the Tour Film is the only specialized forum for cultural tourism in Bulgaria. More than 80 exhibitors from the country took part in the previous edition. There were presentations of the opportunities for tourism in Spain, Poland, Argentina, Indonesia, Greece, the Republic of South Africa, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, France etc. Through the years the Festival proved its prestigious position on the touristic map of Bulgaria and won recognition as an important center for television professionals, tour operators, hotel owners and enthusiastic travelers. The mission of the Festival is to cultivate, popularize and present the natural, cultural and historical wealth of Bulgaria as well as the modern trends in the world and Bulgarian film making and present to the audience innovative and creative persons.

How your sponsorship can support the Tour Film Fest “On the Eastern Coast of Europe”:

The monetary award from funds, amassed through sponsorship, will be bestowed on the best audio-visual production presented at the Festival, voted by the jury.

Material awards in the form of professional film making equipment or excursions can be bestowed on teams in the Special Award for a Component (scenario, directing, cinematography, film editing and sound design) Category.

If you are interested, we are prepared to discuss other forms of sponsorship.

How your sponsorship of the Tour Film Festival “On the Eastern Coast of Europe” will help you:

The sponsor advantages vary depending on the amount of your donation.

The name of your company or brand will be announced during all events of the Festival and the exchange;

Your promotional materials will be included in the information packages for the exhibitors and official guests of the CULTURAL TOURISM exchange and the International Tour Film Festival;

Your promotional materials will be distributed in the projection hall;

Your promotional materials will be distributed in the hall during the award ceremony;

The name of your company or brand will be announced during all interviews, reports and in all advertisements of the Festival.

The projection hall, the discussion hall and the award ceremony hall can be branded with advertisements of the sponsors.

Promotional banners of the sponsors in the Festival site: