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A jury consisting of film professionals, academic lecturers and representatives of tourism sector selects the best films in each category which are then awarded. The chairman of the jury is elected on a rotating basis by the members of the jury.

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simeon 1_2014Simeon Idakiev - Jury Chairman

This festival is unique and of utmost importance to Bulgaria’s future, which main trend for development should be improving its cultural tourism.


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irina naidenova_100x125Irina Naydenova 

 "In these turbulent for Bulgaria and Bulgarian tourism times you need to be invested with a lot of effort, faith and spirit to do something as nice and meaningful as a tourism film festival.

To travel across continents and visit ravishing places, to encounter fascinating traditions and experience unbeknown emotions, to travel back in time and wander throughout history, and to do all of the above while you are comfortable in your seat at the screenings in the old capital – this is the Festival.

Hereunder I express my deepest respect to the people organizing the event, those who create this genuine magic. On behalf of the Bulgarian tour operators – the members of ABTTA, I wish all guests and contest participants all the best of luck, let's experience unforgettable moments on the East Coast of Europe."


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antoni 1_2014Antoni Ivanov Tsonev 

Writer, director and producer, a chief expert in Cultural Department of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality.


lina 1_2014

Prof. Dr. Lina Anastasova 


A marketing expert teaching tourism marketing and marketing research


"International tourism is the bridge between cultures, nations and religions in the era of international conflicts and contradictions."

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emi stoeva

Prof. Dr. Sc. Еmilia Stoeva


Cinematographer, Lecturer in Film and television cinematography at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, New Bulgarian University and Art College for Film and Video Arts. Lector at Cultur University in Instanbul 2015, in Porto 2015, Key speaker at the Meltape University Congress in 2016, Leader of a Student delegation at the "Manaki Brothers" Festival, speaker at conferences at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts and the University of Sofia. 

Member of the "National comission for Documentary and Scientific cinema", Memebr of the "United Bulgarian Film Makers", Chairman of the "Association Academica 21"

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marin 1_2014Доцент д-р Марин Дамянов

Преподавател по кинодраматургия в НАТФИЗ „Кр. Сарафов” София, писател и сценарист. Автор на 4 романа, 3 сборника разкази, 1 теоретична студия по кинодраматургия. Участник в сценариите на десетина игрални филми, няколко телевизионни сериала и документални филми. Носител на 14 литературни награди за разкази, романи и сценарии. 

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bosko siteBosko Savkovic 


I always loved this festival because of the Easter atmosphere that surrounded Veliko Tarnovo at that time. Unfortunately this year I will not be able to personally attend the festival. But I want all the participants and organizers all the best for Easter holidays.

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vsVlado Srbinovski

Chairman of BALKANIA, The Balkan Association for Alternative Tourism.



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rumynkaIleana Pernes Danalache

International Tourism Film Festival became, step by step, one of the most important events within the tourism film area. An enthusiastic and creative team succeeded in putting this festival on the international map! A very interesting and attractive program recommends the event each year!”


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İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi

Sanat ve Tasarım Fakültes

Sinema ve TV Bölüm Bşk.

Güneydoğu Avrupa Sinema Okulları Birliği (SEECS) Bşk.

Avrupa Film Akademisi Üyesi


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