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The 35th edition of the International Tourist Fair "Holiday & SPA Expo" in cooperation with International Tour Film Fest– Bulgaria “On The East Coast Of Europe” presents:

The best tourism films of 2017, awarded at 16 international film festivals.

See exciting destinations from all around the world.

The screenings of the tourism films and clips will be held

every day from 11:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 17:00 in Hall 3,

14 – 16 February in Sofia.

Our team will be available to answer all your questions regarding the Tour Film Fest.

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The XIVth edition of the International Tourism Film Festival – Bulgaria “On The East Coast Of Europe” is open for production entries.

The festival is organized along with the International Exhibition “Cultural Tourism” in Veliko Tarnovo, from April 19 to 21, 2018.

Tourism film and commercial video productions are eligible for submission in 5 categories of the festival:

Nature & Ecotourism

History & Culture

Faith and Traditions

Sports & Adventure

Corporate tourism

Entry deadline: March 13, 2018

For details please check the section Regulation

Winners are announced and awards presented at an Official Ceremony of the festival. Awards are bestowed in each category, additional component and sponsorship awards are presented, and one of the producers will get the Grand Prix of the festival.

We are looking forward to watching your travel videos and movies, so we can learn more about the nature and landmarks, the culture and history, the extreme experiences and pleasures offered by your tourist product or destination. We are also looking forward to seeing you in person – in the old capital Veliko Tarnovo, in the spring.

The festival is a member of CIFFT – Committee of Tourism Film Festivals

The festival is part of the platform EFFE (Europe for Festivals and Festivals for Europe)

Maria Karagiozova

Festival Director

Уважаеми дами и господа,


Международният Фестивал на Туристическия Филм – България „На източния бряг на Европа“ отваря своето XIV-то издание за прием на продукции.


Фестивалът се организира съвместно с Международно изложение „Културен Туризъм“ във Велико Търново,

от 19 до 21 април 2018 г.


За участие във фестивала могат да се регистрират филмови и рекламни видео продукции на туристическа тематика, в 5 категории:

-      Природа и екотуризъм

-      История и култура

-      Вяра и традиции

-      Спорт и приключения

-      Корпоративен филм


Крайният срок за регистрация е 13 март 2018 г.


Моля запознайте се с регламента, публикуван на фестивалния сайт:


Победителите ще бъдат обявени и наградите ще бъдат връчени на официална церемония на фестивала. Награди се присъждат във всяка категория, връчват се допълнителни и спонсорски награди, а един от продуцентите получава Голямата награда на фестивала.

Очакваме с нетърпение вашите туристически клипове и филми, за да научим повече за  природата, забележителностите, културата и историята, екстремните преживявания или удоволствията, които предлага вашият туристически продукт или обект. Очакваме и вас във Велико Търново през пролетта.


Фестивалът е член на CIFFT – Комитет на Туристическите Филмови Фестивали

Фестивалът е част от платформата ЕФФЕ (Европа за Фестивали и Фестивали за Европа)


За въпроси относно фестивала:      

Мария Карагьозова - Директор на Фестивала

тел: 0899 862 665

Indonesia 2017“For the 13th consecutive time we gather here in Tarnovo, driven by our common passion – adventures! If you allow me a free quote of the great Tolkien – every time we leave home, every time we step on the street, our feet take us someplace and we can never know what's waiting for us out there. Well, as a matter of fact we do – it's adventure!”

This was the introduction of the XIII IFTF-Bulgaria “On the East Coast of Europe”  Awarding ceremony on the night of April 6, 2017, when 14 films received awards in the festival categories, and 2 grand and 3 honorary awards were bestowed. The international jury of professionals in film and tourism from 5 countries selected the best productions amongst 49 nominations, picked out of 91 applying films. A lot of hard choices were made this year, as all productions were of superb qualities and this made the decision really hard for the jury members, not only in the festival categories but when determining the Grand Prix as well.

In the festival categories awards were bestowed upon the following productions: “”Bulgaria from end to end” by the Bulgarian National Television, “Pilgrim Travelogues” by BNT2 Blagoevgrad, “A visual journey through Lombok and Wakatobi” by the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia, “A magical wilderness” by Kelvinfilm GmbH, Germany, “The Eco traveller” and “Go fast or go home” by Goasean SDN BHD, Malaysia, “Bursa “Feel The City” by Bursa Municipality, “Grand Hotel Sofia”, Bulgaria, “Live a day in Alcácer”, Portugal, “Spirit of Dubai”, United Arab Emirates, “EDEN in Bulgaria” by Studio Blend, “Welcome to Ancient Messembria” by Old Nessebar Museum, Bulgaria, “Once Upon a Time... Three kingdoms” by Tourist Board of Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria.

Grand Awards: Burgas Municipality, Bulgaria, received the Grand Award for For sustainable investment in Bulgarian tourism video promotion – for the mini series “Stories of Burgas”, as well as for the sustainable strategy of the municipality to produce and distribute films, promoting the region. The Grand Prix of the festival was bestowed upon the production “A Wonderful World” by the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia.

We began with a Tolkien quote, so why not finish with one – a significant vice of adventures is that they often make you late for dinner.

GRAND PRIX of the Festival to the production

INDONESIA, WONDERFUL WORLD by Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia.

indonesia wonderful_world




Advertising Film

to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality / Culture and Tourism Department, Turkey, for “Bursa “Feel The City”


Grounds: The film reveals the true nature of the city, its historical value, and benefits from short and dynamic action and perfectly executed camera and editing.

Television Programs (TV Shows)

to Goasean SDN BHD, Malaysia, for “GO FAST OR GO HOME”


Grounds: Rather unusual presentation of a destination through an emotional and exotic competition. The rhythm of the film is in sync with the dramaturgy of the event.



Television Programs (TV Shows)

to Goasean SDN BHD, Malaysia, for “THE ECO TRAVELLER

Eco traveller

Grounds: Through marvellous scenes of preserved eco environment the film welcomes us in the local community and makes us feel the love they nurture for their land through the way they care for it.

Advertising Film


indonesia lombok

indonesia wakatobi

Grounds: With marvellous scenes and an impressive selection of landmarks the films convince us to visit the places we are showed.

Reporting or Documentary



Grounds: This masterfully filmed production shows us one of the little known national parks in the world and inspires a feeling of freedom and pure nature.



Advertising Film

to Grand Hotel Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria, for GRAND HOTEL SOFIA

Grand hotel_sofia

Grounds:An unusual presentation of a hotel brand through the destination where it is located; professionally filmed perfect views of Sofia showing its nature as a mixture of modernity and traditions. First hand tourism.



Advertising Film

to Ideias com Pernas, Portugal, for LIVE A DAY IN ALCÁCER

live day_in_alacer

Grounds: The modern and dynamic camera-work convinces us of the hospitality that would welcome us in Alcácer.





Advertising Film

to Dubai Tourism Film, United Arab Emirates, for SPIRIT OF DUBAI

spirit of_dubai

Grounds: We witness the most attractive features of the Emirates, displayed in a style resembling a documentary. The film charms with emotional sights and natural light.

Promotional film



Grounds: The interesting idea of the EDEN project is presented through all the means of contemporary advertising with finely assorted highlights of natural, cultural and historical landmarks.

Promotional film

to Old Nessebar Museum, Bulgaria, for WELCOME TO ANCIENT MESSEMBRIA

muzei staritnen_nessebar

Grounds: The production introduces the viewer to the every-day life and culture of the ancient inhabitants of the town of Nessebar.

Reporting or Documentary

to Tourist Board of Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria, for “ONCE UPON A TIME... THREE KINGDOMS”


once upnatime

Grounds:An original and thorough tale of Bulgarian history.

Category: Faith & Traditions

to Bulgarian National Television for BULGARIA FROM END TO END

TUCHE Bulgaria_ot_krai_do_krai


Grounds: Far from the ordinary characters and their peculiar point of view – a child, a priest and a citizen, who found the true meaning of his life in a village in the Bulgarian Ludogorie region, where people from different ethnicities live in harmony and understanding. 

Reporting or Documentary

to BNT 2 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, for PILGRIM TRAVELOGUES

poklonicheski patepisi


Grounds: An emotional interpretation of little known facts of Bulgarian history and the impact it had on contemporary Albanian land.



1.Honorary awards for personal contribution to the Festival are bestowed upon Kremena Tsvetkova and Assoc. Prof. PhD Sonya Aleksieva

 2.A special award for creative contribution to Bulgaria's tourism video promotion is bestowed upon Stepan Polyakov.

3.An honorary award for a foreign production, capturing the Bulgarian spirit is bestowed upon Yu Zhang, China, for the films “FOOD IN BULGARIA” and “WINE IN BULGARIA”.

4.An honorary award for sustainable investment in Bulgarian tourism video promotion is bestowed upon Burgas Municipality.

5.An honorary award for а social project is bestowed upon Alternativa, Serbia, for the production "IN THE NAME OF LIFE 1999"




Dear travelling viewer, once again we direct our Festival challenge with a very attractive prize to your attention. Watch the movie entries from this year's Festival edition and register so you can win the prize, provided by ABTTA and Elfy Tours - A WEEKEND FOR TWO at Hotel Lion in Borovetz.


At the end of the Festival the Jury chairman will draw the winner, in the presence of the rest of the jury members. Attendance by the participants during the draw is not mandatory, the winner will be notified via e-mail or telephone.


photo by: Hotel Lion, Borovetz

The registration will take place at the “Rafael Mihailov” Exhibition Area, new wing, fl. 2, screening hall 2. You can register for participation more than one time, if you visit more than one screenings, in order to help your chances of winning. The admission to the screenings is free. Participation in the contest is not tied with any purchases or payments. Employers that are part of the organization team, as well as their partners, are not eligible for the completion.

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