The International Tour Film Fest Bulgaria "On the East Coast of Europe" is OPEN




Category: Sports & Adventure

Advertising Film:

To Comision de Promocion del Peru para la Exportacion y el Turismo – PROMPERU, Peru, for “Peru, the richest country in the world”.

Grounds: For the untraditional view to a country which we thought we knew well.

Promotional Film:

To The Lion Heart NGO, Bulgaria, for “Lion Heart Ultra Cross Triathlon 2017”.

Grounds: For the promotion of the natural beauties of the Strandzha mountain through a sports event.

Category: Nature & Ecotourism

Promotional Film:

To Greek National Tourism Organization – Vienna, Austria, for “Greece – A 365 Day Destination”.

Grounds: For the artistic presentation of Greece as a year-round tourist destination. A film which shows us that Greece is wonderful both in summer and in winter.

Promotional Film:

To Tourismboard Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany for “Peace and Quiet”.

Grounds: Presentation of a region with a lot of humour and professionalism of the authors..

Reporting or Documentary:

To Bulgarian National Television and “Miralor” Ltd., Bulgaria, for “Lords of the Clouds”.

Grounds: Intriguing presentation of scientific facts. Clouds turn out to be unknown. This is proven by scientists from all over the world.

The main objectives

The main objectives of the Festival are:

  • To present to the public films and productions about tourist products and destinations;
  • To stimulate investments in tourism promotion of cultural and historical heritage;
  • To show the good practices and promote the latest trends in tourism filmmaking;
  • To rouse the interest of the tourist business and production companies towards tourism film products;
  • To encourage film industry professionals to turn their efforts and specialize in tourism filmmaking;
  • To create conditions for highly efficient promotional content.

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