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lionheartCategory: Sports & Adventure

Advertising Film:

To Comision de Promocion del Peru para la Exportacion y el Turismo – PROMPERU, Peru, for “Peru, the richest country in the world”.

Grounds: For the untraditional view to a country which we thought we knew well.

Promotional Film:

To The Lion Heart NGO, Bulgaria, for “Lion Heart Ultra Cross Triathlon 2017”.

Grounds: For the promotion of the natural beauties of the Strandzha mountain through a sports event.

Category: Nature & Ecotourism

Promotional Film:

To Greek National Tourism Organization – Vienna, Austria, for “Greece – A 365 Day Destination”.

Grounds: For the artistic presentation of Greece as a year-round tourist destination. A film which shows us that Greece is wonderful both in summer and in winter.

Promotional Film:

To Tourismboard Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany for “Peace and Quiet”.

Grounds: Presentation of a region with a lot of humour and professionalism of the authors..

Reporting or Documentary:

To Bulgarian National Television and “Miralor” Ltd., Bulgaria, for “Lords of the Clouds”.

Grounds: Intriguing presentation of scientific facts. Clouds turn out to be unknown. This is proven by scientists from all over the world.

Category: Corporate tourism film / spot:

Advertising Film:

To Galaxy Macau, Macau, for “Love Summer”

Grounds: The magic of love and the beauty of Macau gathered in 1 minute in one hotel.

Advertising Film:

To Ministry of CultureС and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Azerbaijan, for “Baku, Azerbaijan – Where the stars shine for you”

Grounds: Laconic and dynamic presentation of the modern face of Baku, Azerbaijan.

Promotional Film:

To Velingrad Municipality, Bulgaria, for “Velingrad – Your Place for True Recreation and Relaxation”

Grounds: A film which fully justifies its title. A thorough presentation of one of the most important resorts.

Category: History & Culture

Reporting or Documentary:

To Pleven Municipality and “Five Star Media” Ltd., Bulgaria, for “Pleven: The End of the War, The Beginning of Europe”

Grounds: A story about one of the most dramatic moments in the history of Bulgaria. The film promotes the cultural and historical heritage of Pleven.

Category: Faith & Traditions:

Advertising Film:

To Comision de Promocion del Peru para la Exportacion y el Turismo – PROMPERU, Peru, for “Generation with a cause”

Grounds: This advertising film proves us that Peru is not only a country of ancient civilizations, but it is also a country of culinary experience.

Promotional Film:

To Madrid Destino, Spain, for “Flamenco Madrid”

Grounds: A vivid film which shows the real nature of Madrid and the flamenco as a symbol of the Spanish spirit.

The main objectives

The main objectives of the Festival are:

  • To present to the public films and productions about tourist products and destinations;
  • To stimulate investments in tourism promotion of cultural and historical heritage;
  • To show the good practices and promote the latest trends in tourism filmmaking;
  • To rouse the interest of the tourist business and production companies towards tourism film products;
  • To encourage film industry professionals to turn their efforts and specialize in tourism filmmaking;
  • To create conditions for highly efficient promotional content.

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